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Cairo Shorts: Tech Thoughts and Color Grades

I can’t really think of anything to prep this with so here’s some random thoughts on the Cairo post-production.

  1. Si-2K/Cineform workflow was really easy. The network connection freaked a couple times to the Cinedeck so the clip didn’t close out properly, but SI has a utility to fix that so no issues

  2. You need a really good lens for the SI. Nobody’d really tried what I was doing so there was no information on the EF mount for it. I took a risk and it didn’t work out so in a pinch I used primarily the Sigma 10-20…it was all I could get my hands on. It wasn’t good…obviously.

  3. The Ziess 50mm is really soft. I ran it F/1.8 but it didn’t sharpen up until around 2.2 or so. Back focus issue? I don’t know anything about that. The images weren’t as sharp as I wanted.

  4. The SI/Cinedeck Extreme color was dead on accurate to reality.

  5. The T2i color, even with the profile set way down was harsh, forced and well, colored improperly.

  6. 10 bit is the way to go. I don’t care how awesome your 8 bit camera is; 8 bit sucks balls in post. Not to mention you have banding and absolutely no gradients (comparatively speaking). Budget might keep you at 8 bit though and that’s understandable.

  7. I’m really bummed I don’t own the SI2K/Cinedeck combo. Financially it doesn’t make sense right now although I’d use it for absolutely everything.

…and speaking of color. Here’s a selection of before/afters on the first Cairo short:


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