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Cabela’s really has nothing to do with the weekend I just had. It only happens to be the place you’d buy stuff for such a weekend (and it started with “C”). The wife and dogs and I just took the holiday at the cabin in the “Crazies” or the Crazy Mountains as it’s known on official maps. It was beyond nice; no disasters, lots of relaxing, mutliple naps, wonderful weather, mountain lion spotting, and on and on.

In the processes this summer, I realized I know nothing about video (after a failed recording of our org’s president). And that’s fine. It’s a good place to be, it keeps me learning. That said, I tested out a variety of my camera’s picture profile settings, shutter speeds, aperture settings etc. Didn’t really come away nothing anything new except that if you use the Z7u, Picture Profile OFF is best (for coloring ability and just plain look- well, with X.V. color going). So I guess that’s something.

And I’m feeling that now is the plunge into a very, very, very busy fall of which I feel entirely unprepared for. So be looking for blogs, vlogs, and vids over the next four months from the following locations; Texas, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and France.


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