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Jet-lag (which I once thought was this odd myth) from my SE Asia production had me up early so I decided to browse around my bookshelves. I noticed a couple volumes I inherited through marriage.

War of Words – Paul Tripp This book is one that gets to the heart of words, what you say, speaking and motives behind it. Truthfully, it centers around my particular faith. This doesn’t really apply to production per se, but it doesn’t matter how good of work I produce, if I’m an ass-hat nobody’s going to want to work with/for/hire me.

Reel Spirituality – Robert Johnson This is all about worldview. Whether producing for everyone, or for an evangelical audience, knowing how to accurately tell the right story is key. In fluffy terms, if I’m producing for a Buddist audience, I should probably know the Buddist take on things. Makes me a better story-teller and communicator.

Money, Possesions, and Eternity Randy Alcorn Personally and professionaly, you’ve got to know how to handle your finances because more often than not, you won’t have enough. This one again, relates directly to my particular worldview so it may not be of interset to you. However, my point being with this book: money management is criticle to production, the better you are with it personally, the better you’ll be with it professionally.

Some might call it a wholistic approach to production, I just call it it smart for a few reasons; notably that I don’t have the time to really invest in classes for these things (student life is over!), the world, technology and circumstances are constantly changing, and finally, if you’re consistently working to better yourself in every regard, your work and professionalism will show it.


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