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Best Ride of The Year Today

It was so hard to get up this morning. I was up late last night doing laundry. I almost bagged the ride this morning, but I followed through my at least three-days-a-week morning MTB ride plan. 

I felt uber-fresh. Snappy Jack was snappy and I actually found some sort of rhythm on that lovely mess of a tech trail. Several sections I’ve been struggling to negotiate flowed nicely today. I even opted to ride one more climb up Molt Rd. hill. As I passed the parking lot with the car, I realized I was out of water then a mile later, my stomach started asking for food so I went halfway up roughly. 

My Christianity permeates my entire life, very holistically. So I stopped at one point and read Ps. 29. Appropriate chapter on how God is God of everything, rocks, rivers, floods, nature, etc.

Anyway, everything felt great today. Hopefully this trend continues.


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