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Bangladesh: We got Sick. ARGH!

Yesterday (and you can read about it here)- we drove way out of Dhaka (sort of- it’s really all city) to some smaller communities to get some feedback from the MBB’s about what’s going on with the C5 movement. I didn’t know anything about it and now that I do, it’s heresy if you’re both Christian and Muslim. Anyway, should make great film.

On the way back we stopped at a RESTAURANT (not the street or someone’s home) and Ian and I took ill this morning. We’re both up and functional, but neither of us are eating. Molly’s not here so I can’t ask her if she’s okay. I’m pretty sure she is, she didn’t eat much and Ian and I cleaned off a plate of fried rice.

Molly’s not here because I dropped her off at the airport at midnight last night. It’s a little unnerving seeing your soul enter a foreign airport by herself. I haven’t heard from her yet and don’t really expect to until she reaches the Philippines to start on her PM work. On the professional level, I’m a little bummed a lost another amazing producer/director mind and amazing photographer. Ah well, two heads are better than just me, but I’ve found the more great people I surround myself with, the better the product.

Which leads me to my final paragraph, as an Indie, having as many valuable minds around as possible is essential. Don’t get me wrong, I have the vision, where I want this to go, but bringing on board an amazing storyteller and getting feedback from as many people as possible reveals blindspots, weaknesses, strengths, storylines I didn’t see etc. All of these add up to making a better, stronger, more compelling film. So, don’t hold on to your idea too tight. By letting some else change it a bit, it can be a much better idea! (Or worse- it’s your job as producer to sift through the ideas and work ’em or drop ’em for the benefit of your film- my other advice).


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