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Back to SE Asia in October: The VR Mini

Yesterday, I tweeted about the arrival of my new CalDigit VR Mini. The reason being because the other producer and I decided it’d work out great for me to come out a week early and we can log and edit and eat wonderful food all at the same time. Knowing this, I picked up the 1TB unit and am running it in Raid 0 for the 24p HD Cineform transcoded HDV files from my February trip.

I’ve been knee deep editing and finishing a 14-session video teaching resource for my NP, so I haven’t had time to work on anything related to this Asia project. Now however, I begin in earnest- starting with logging and editing footage from Kuala Lumpur. Followed by a week of shooting in Dhaka with a short stint to Manila again for the non-profit.

I recently recap’d the gear situation from my last trip with a short discussion on what I’d probably do differently. This is where the VR Mini comes in. As I mentioned, weight and bulk are huge for me for two reasons:

1. I carry ALL my tech on the plane with me. (with a change of clothes so I can work the moment I hit the ground without worry about any lost luggage).

2. I carry MOST my tech around with me while I’m over there.

  1. Since I’m editing/logging on my MBP, the VR Mini in RAID 0 is the prefect configuration for me. I’m also running it via my eSATA port for the best speeds possible with the CalDigit e34 card. I’ll purchase a couple more spare drives for the VR mini to dump the new footage on to in Raid 1. It’s close to the perfect solution- hot-swappable, low in bulk size and weight and fits my need.

  2. Another change I’ll be making is my in-the-field offload solution. Because the VR Mini is so small and bus-powered via FW, It makes the for the perfect field solution to offload footage. I mean the VR Mini is flat-out awesome. I’m excited to see how it answers some minor issues I had in the field.


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