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Back to Bangladesh: Half-Devil Half-Child

Figured now’s a good a time as any. While still in the midst of working on the grade for Shaken (mostly waiting for the edit to wrap and working through FCP conform issues), the new doc is reaching full speed.

Half-Devil Half-Child is a new documentary being produced by Red Futon Films. It’s contracted by an NGO that’s promoting reformed theological teaching, education and doctrine through native missions work in southeast Asia. The film is focusing on investigating and exploring a particular missiological teaching called the “Insider” movement or C5. It’s premise is that once you become a Christian out of Islam, you continue to retain your Muslim identity, practices, and beliefs. Naturally, this contradicts both traditional Christian teaching as well as Islamic teaching and is a hotly debated topic around the world due to accusations of corruption, mistreatment, manipulation, falsification and extortion.

So we’ll be spending two weeks filming in Bangaldesh followed by a week of filming in the states at the end of September. The intent is to look at the many facets of this teaching and the debate through the personal testimony and narrative of those involved. A fairly exciting but challenging topic to say the least with a very busy pre-production schedule. My director and I have spent countless hours now planning and developing.

I’ve hired Jon McKee out of Dallas, Tx as the DP on this project so I can focus on the macro vs. the micro when we’re out in the field. We haven’t made any decisions yet in the way of technology, but that’s forthcoming. Additionally, for the shoot, I’ve also hired J. Aaron Greene to photograph the Bangladesh production. He’ll be taking probably thousands of photographs throughout the process for both art and documentation. The film will be almost entirely interview-based so I’ll be acting as producer, audio guy and second camera man. This shoot just a little larger than the other stuff I’ve worked on. I have a location producer I’ve worked with several times in Dhaka that I’ll be hiring again. He’s a great cat, and very plugged-in to the film community out there.

So, a light forewarning: my twitter-feed will change tone as I’ll be tweeting more from the Red Futon Films twitter as well as my blog. I’ll be posting doc tech/philosophy stuff here vs. color-correction and then over at the Red Futon Films blog will be more general audience/marketing specific. So if you’re interested in following the production process while we’re out and about and while we’re back here through the end of the year in post, follow me around. We’ll have a film specific website up shortly with all the associated artwork, synopsis and information you’d probably want soon.

Another change is that I’m not taking on any new projects until at least March of next year. With the exception of grading Footnote Television once a month, this project is it for now. I had to email a couple people and just give them a heads up since we’ve talked about their projects but nothing further than that. So this Shaken vid in all it’s glam and slam will be the last specifically grading project for a while. Speaking of which, I’m due for a post there huh?


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