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Avid Projects Fix- Disk Not Found

So, on the last install, I ran into this problem. Each time I’d launch Media Composer, it would go through the boot process as normal with the splash screen but then instead of giving me the Project launch window, it gave me an error message that said, “ERR_DISK_NOT_FOUND Filename??” And clicking “OK” out of that didn’t result in getting another option. Instead it continued to cycle the error message. So finally *force quit*

To be fair, I’m using Dropbox to store my Avid project files. Not exactly an officially supported way of doing it but it works really well, they’re always updated and if I happen to be about with my media drive, I can access from my laptop (and vice-versa with ease). Opening the projects directly from their Dropbox folder locations worked just fine which told me the file structure is intact and completely functional.

Here’s the workaround (and it’s not limited to just using an external drive- reports of this just “occurring” like technology has a knack for doing).

  1. Move your entire project folder somewhere else (the big one containing all the individual project folders).

  2. Launch Avid. By moving the folder, Avid doesn’t see it, forcing it to start the app from scratch project-wise.

  3. Create a new project folder in the old location- replacing the one you moved. Create a blank project (you can delete this later if you don’t need it).

  4. Quite Avid.

  5. Move all the individual project folders you just moved out in step 1., back into the newly created Folder made in step 3.

  6. Relaunch Avid- all your projects should be there as normal.


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