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Avid MC6. My Thoughts Having Used It All Summer

First of all, I’m still under NDA but I can comment on what’s public information- only to a limited extent though. Forgive the lack of detail as I like being on the beta team. Michael Kammes has a great article here that goes over pretty much everything.  I’ve been on Avid’s beta team since version 5. I have to say, I’ve been on three betas and theirs is top notch and a truly fantastic team to be a part of. As with all betas, you’re supposed to test. So if you don’t test, you’re a loser and should get off the team.

Anyway, as the site says, they’re supporting basically every 3rd party card you can think of including the lesser known Bluefish 444 (us audio chaps know it) and even the very powerful, but rarely used Motu hardware. Check out their offerings if you’re in the market, I’ve used their stuff in the audio world for years and it’s top notch and VERY affordable. Kona and BMD aren’t the only ones out there.

I’ve been testing on the BMD Decklink (through HDLinkPro). It’s perfect and integrates so well. The Avid Artist surfaces? As with 5, the Control is just awesome. The Color? You don’t need a mouse to grade. At all. Unless of course you want to. Curve control is very similar to Nucoda. Place the point with the wheel, use the ball to adjust. Repeat for as many points as you want in your curve.

Overall, everything is virtually flawless, smooth, and snappy. I’ve had nary a hiccup. I’m very pleased. Avid is working very, very hard to get a product out there that fits our variety of workflows and environments. MC6 is a pretty awesome product. It’s definitely worth the full price of $2499 and it’s certainly worth the upgrade prices they’re offering.

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