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Avid and Adobe Tech: What I Want but Can't Have

Real quick while I’m rendering, what I want but can’t have is one graphics/capture/playback/whatever card that gives me:

  1. 3 monitors in Avid for editing

  2. 3 monitors in Adobe for finishing

  3. Blue-only, Matrox-esque monitoring capability

  4. After Effects support

  5. Cineform playback support including sending First Light to my Matrox-esque monitor for grading

Avid seems to playback fine out of any old secondary monitor so perhaps just another graphics card? I don’t need to capture or play out, just monitor but with better calibration which is why I love the Matrox stuff but it’s doesn’t support Cineform playback like AJA or BMD and definitely no First Light send-to like Blackmagic.

Maybe I just run a second graphics card and plug in the Matrox when I need it and do the multiple input selection on my monitors? I dunno…


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