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Avid AMA Tip: How to Get Out of The Yard

I’ve been using the AMA feature in Avid for a while now. While I love being able to access and edit my media without all the time-consuming and costly transcoding, it’s limiting when you’re finished with the cut. It’s like AMA puts up this big, giant electrified fence around itself and says, “if you want want to get out of Avid now, you have to render a Quicktime file.”

I stand there and debate with the guard though, “but I don’t want to go out that way, I want to go out THIS way.”

“Well, you can’t.”

Okay, enough of the Avid drama! I want to take my timeline out to AAF. You can but you need to do the following:

  1. Move your finished sequence to a new bin (this more best practice than must do)

  2. Right-click on the sequence and select “Transcode/Consolidate.”

  3. Transcode to the DNxHD codec of your choice making sure “Create New Sequence” is selected

  4. Bring up new transcoded sequence now with DNxHD media

  5. AAF export this timeline

Now this does make linking to source/mastering media a bit sticky due to new files created by Avid so that workflow might take a bit more thought. Anyway, this the best non-QT movie out of an AMA project right now.


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