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An Ikonoskop ACam dII Framegrab

Eric (@theimagehunter, Twitter) really wanted a frame grab. So as much as I told him it’s like Mr. Miyagi asking Napoleon Dynamite to show him some moves, here’s a quick process and grade. Certainly not finished but it gives a little bit of an idea of what the final could look like (far too Hollywood blue here and there’s some stray red in the shadows and on and on…). This is a DPX converted to PNG.

Edit: I should mention that the camera only produces images as good as the lens allows and I’m pleased to say that the Duclos Lenses 11-16 is sitting on the front of this and producing outstanding results. It’s a perfect match for the cam. I think I’d carry one or two additional fast primes for some shallow shots.

I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting from Speedgrade so I processed this in Resolve. While I know most of the tricks and processes for clean and effective compressed grading, I don’t yet know or have the best method for RAW processing so I opted for light-handedness and some custom RAW settings in Resolve before grading it. This is just further convincing that the dII is going to be my doc cam of choice from here on out.

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