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A Week in Review

Why a week in review? Well, because if you don’t count the vacation stroll by bike I took with my wife a couple weeks ago, i’ve been out in about a month. I don’t seem to have lost a lot of my conditioning but some of it disappeared as evidence by three crashes on Monday.

Life happened. I can’t even really say I know exactly why I didn’t ride, I feel like I was just doing stuff: work, fathering, husbanding, fishing. I did take a trip to Alaska with my father-in-law do some fly fishing for pinks followed by ocean fishing for slivers, Kings and Halibut.

Anyway, a couple good rides this week. One up in the Crazies. I’d like to try the 253 loop in reverse next time and see how that fairs. And hopefully the rest of this year I can do some more riding with friends in the morning. 


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