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A Split Life

I feel like for good and for bad that most of my professional life is split. In this corner is my specialty finance business and it’s related startups. And in this corner is my film studio and creative work. These two rarely battle each other and while there are very close similarities, they are also the equivalent of being on two different planets. This is only highlighted by my recent move of the finance business from Google Apps to Microsoft Office365. I’ll highlight these comparisons below:


  1. Executive management creative and business roles

  2. Identify market gaps and develop solutions to fill gaps

  3. Identify talent and build relationships to fulfill above


  1. Studio is almost exclusively Mac, Finance almost exclusively PC

  2. Finance is exclusively MS Office, Studio is Google, Neo, Office for Mac or whatever works

  3. Studio has tiny, if any ROI, Finance has huge ROI

There are others, but you’ll notice that the differences are primarily technological. Because the finance world is my bread and butter, I’ve moved entirely to a Microsoft mobile platform and consequently, nothing I do for the studio side of things has apps, or functionality on a mobile Windows platform so I end up maintaining a separate Mac ecosystem. I frequently think about shutting the studio side of things down (which I have on a lot of the smaller production stuff) and just giving away what I’d spend to orgs who are doing it already but there really aren’t that many doing non-branded work in ministry and non-profit. There are lots of individuals doing it, but no orgs. So I’ll keep doing this for a while and maybe make another doc or two before I get old and marry off my kids and retire to a life in the mountains with my still and my banjo.

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