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A Purpose, A Plan and A Pint

I’ve made mention over the last few months about big changes that are coming my way. The most obvious is the fact that I’m going to be new dad at the end of the month.  The second and third big changes have occurred already over the last year and a half which culminate into the current change: I’m leaving the non-profit.

I don’t talk it about the non-profit too much on the blog choosing to focus on the work primarily outside of the context. But for the last three and a half years, I’ve been the full-time Sr. Media Producer at an international conflict conciliation and training organization in Billings, MT. I’ve had the blessing of being able to carry a few small side projects during this time which included a large amount of overseas film work, workflow consultation, color correction and finishing tasks and consulting for other non-profits.

These side projects along with some other business endeavors have resulted in a new plan which then points back to my overarching purpose for doing what I do. But our reasons for doing what we do is generally meaningful only to ourselves so I won’t go into that. But the plan is just as cool (if you ask me) and for the sake of my audience, I’ll only talk about the part relating to film production. As a technical skill, my focus will be digital film color correction and finishing. As a businessman, producer and relational individual, I’ll be focusing on enabling good stories get out there.

Red Futon Films comes into much larger play here as I continue to partner with non-profit organizations that want to use film to tell a greater story of their work that results in more impact. As I produce my own features and shorts and get involved in other projects, those will also fall under the Red Futon Films moniker as well. So RFF will serve as a total-production outlet that will likely leverage the personal relationships I’ve built in varying arenas of the industry.

The relationship aspect of this is the most exciting part for me. It means I’ll have more time and ability to look for opportunities to work with many of you. For a few of you, I’ll stop saying “no” to gig offers because I now have the time and energy to do them (so don’t stop asking because I really want to work with you guys). I can give greater attention to the organizations I’m already working with and be able to focus on excelling technically where frankly, I have the most fun (as well as believe I’m best suited for). But best of all, I can spend more time with my (now growing) family.

So what kind of projects am I going to focus on? I’ll be looking for projects that promote the common good- man doing good for man; ordinary people doing extraordinary things; extraordinary people doing ordinary things; stories that show what being a human in a communal world looks like. These projects can be in a variety of different contexts, formats and subject matters; both fiction and non-fiction. And there’s a lot of it out there. Yes, I will come to a project with a business mindset as well as artistic. It has to be a well-made film where contributions won’t go to waste and the story grabs me.

I am absolutely being picky about what I’ll work on. And I can be. I have my own projects and other people’s projects I’m involved in right now. I also have other, unrelated business interests and I’m content and can provide for my family. But I always have my nose out for other projects I can help out in some way. (And if you haven’t seen the latest: I’m an associate producer and colorist on Wrestling for Jesus. Check it out).

So that’s the big change. You’ll probably see some reflection of that in my social media habits. But don’t be alarmed. I’m doing the same work, only now, more of it and more focused.

Oh…what’s the pint in the title have to do with it? That’s the relational part; it’s where we find out if we want to work together. It’s where something is developed or something is pitched. It’s where projects become meaningful. Just like watching a film with other people brings greater meaning to the film, so making a film with other people makes the project more meaningful on a creative and artistic level.


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