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A Couple Resolve/BMD Nuances

Two quick things before I head to dinner and a movie with my in not-active labor right now:

1. Make sure you run a 3Gb/s SDI spec BNC cable between your Decklink and our HDLink Pro. Just fixed a flaky connection that’s been a pain the last couple weeks.

2. If you wonder why your grading monitor is now outputting from Resolve at a resolution that your project is not at, it’s likely it’s outputting at the resolution you last rendered to. You need to render something out again at your working resolution to get output back to normal from Resolve. Just tested and submitted this as well.

3. And just to put it out there although I expect it’s mostly common knowledge, the Panny G25 won’t accept a signal when you set your Decklink to 1080p instead of 1080psf. Just something I noted while playing around with some things.

4. Resolve’s motion tracker works best when you use a small yet, unaffected window- then adjust to proper size and add your keys if you’re doing that.



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