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900° Corner

So the last piece (outside of some light acoustic treatment) to my studio was the power conditioner and battery backup. I tweeted about this and my good buddy, video geek, and sales/vid guy at the local electronics shop let me know about the APC S15 power conditioner/backup unit that was on clearance (the silver ones). I bought two. One for my home theater and the other for my studio. Being 900w units with battery backup, the $299 price tag ($1499 retail) on these APC units was too good pass up.

On my theater I get 3 hours of battery run time when everything’s on. In my studio I get 23 minutes and that’s operating at 447W with a quad core and 8 core MacPro, Caldigit VR Mini and HDElement plus 3 external drives boxes. Not bad if you ask me. Although as I’m typing this, I realize I won’t be able to actually see anything to shut the systems down in the event of a power failure because the monitors aren’g plugged into the unit. Hmmm…must fix.

Anyway, the server corner with the APC unit I’ve nick-named the 900° corner.


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