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35mm and Other Lenses on Sony HVR-Z7U

One of the attractive features of the Z7U is the fact that it has an interchangeable lens. It comes with a generic 1/3″ bayonet mount giving you the option of putting on a variety of other lenses something most cameras in this price point lack. In fact, you have to bump up to the EX3 to get the interchangeable lens option.

That said, what choices do you have? I’ve been doing some poking around recently for some other options for a couple upcoming productions. Granted, I’m not doing anything broadcast so I can, for the most part deal with HDV artifact issues. I’ve found a couple commonplace and accessible options.

The first two are quite common and fit without any adapters:

The Sony VCL308BWH Wide Angle Lens: Rent Here and/or Buy Here

The Fujinon TH17x5BRM 1/3″ HD Lens: Rent Here and/or Buy Here

The final option is the lens adapter. Here’s a common one: Nikon to 1/3″ Adapter This is a great option if you happen to be sitting on a stack of Nikon lenses (I have four floating around) and want to get your 35mm on.

In fact, here’s a sample vid running a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 lens:


ENGIADINA WINTER By Massimo Uberti View in HD Download 720p Version Visit Massimo Uberti’s ExposureRoom Videos Page



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