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3 Days and a Knee That Hates Me

So my goal at the start of the nice(r) weather was to train thee days a week. Well, to find a nice balance between enjoying the ride and training. It’s even harder when I travel. I don’t usually have a bike either. So when I knew this LA trip was coming up, I knew I had to get on it. 

I made progress. I got up and out today. The friends’ house I’m staying at is about 1 mile from a large preserve that has bike/walkways and trails. The plan was to put in 6. I figured that would be manageable given I’m at sea level, been training on the bike since my last run and usually throw down 3-4 without any training at all. 

At mile 3 I felt like I’d run but 100 yards. So I said, let’s go for 8 then. I climbed a little hill at mile 4 and made my turnaround. At mile 5, my knee said, “I’m done.” On a pain level of 1-10, it was about an 7. Just shy of making me cry out. My left knee, outside joint, just plain hurt. Bad. I could find, bend it and move it just fine, but run? Nope. I preceded to spend the last three miles doing a rulk. You know, I ran until I couldn’t bear the pain, the walked. Then repeated that. I did get in a couple sprint paces though before the pain flared up again.

Frustrating for sure because overall, my legs felt great, legs felt great and I wasn’t worn in the least. Had it not been for the knee, I felt like I could easily put down 10, maybe 12. Oh well. I know in years past, this isn’t uncommon and I sort of have to train out of it before I can do those higher mileages. That’s not exactly my goal, but I sort of feel cheated today.

I tried changing my pace, gait, form, etc. No change. I know my shoes are wore out and my ultrarunner brother said to look at some Hoka One Ones. They’re a God send for big guys like us. 

I’m not a regular runner, but I do consider it a regular part of my cross-training and do it when there’s no bike around…or I’m surfing. Haha!

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