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2011: What a Change!

First of all, it’s weird. This is the first time in my life I give myself my salary. So that’s a stark change. The second is the fact that I have a new son. So I’m a dad and unemployed. HA!

Regardless, things are going very well and I’m excited to be able to spend more time on value-added projects to the global community and work with people who’ve been trying to get me on board for a while. So today was the first day of unknown and it went well, I ducked in to my studio with my cup of coffee this morning and started exporting out audio file after audio file while working on some budgeting and accounting items making sure I’ll get paid this month. In other words, things progressed normally- but it’s only day one so we’ll see what happens.

And what do I have going on this year? For starters, I’m pursuing a more formal education in the art of color correction. So while I’m finishing up this feature doc and working on a series of shorts and a music video, I’m also taking ICA classes in LA in May.

My producer world is in full-swing; evaluating multiple projects, editing several in progress, and ramping up pre-production on a feature doc you should hear more about coming up soon as I start to blog about that process. I’m heading to Cuba this month, Hawaii in February, and likely Belguim in November in addition to whatever else I drum up along the way. And I’m probably doing another short this weekend with some rented gear I’m evaluating for the Cuba project.

And as always, my growing my private equity loan management company that affords me the ability to make other people money and spend time with my family and give more to needs I see evidenced. A blessing I don’t take lightly. So in closing, I have no idea where my work will take me this year, and the tone of the blog, but it’ll still be geared 100% towards film production work…of some sort. Cheers and here’s to 2011.


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