Jay with Pat Fraley and Scott Burns, Seattle, 2019


Pat Fraley

Marc Graue

Primary Tools

Charter Oak e700 microphone

Universal Audio Apollo Duo AD/DA

Avalon VT-737sp & Manley VoxBox preamp plugins

Ocenaudio, Luna, DAWs

Sennheiser Momentum 2 cans

KRK RP5 monitors

ipDTL, Source Connect, Skype, Facetime, etc.

The experts would say to focus on one thing...

...well, the experts would hate me and I don't care. This bio is probably too long too. Whatever. I don't do anything normal. So if you want to know a bit about who you're working with (or you're just bored)...


My career didn't start in voice acting. It did begin behind a mic though. Specifically, an RE20 attached to a 1940's era radio console at a small west Texas radio station during high school. I'd do a full on-air shift only to duck into the 'production' room (cart machine, reel-to-reel, 6-disc changer and a mixer) for another 4-5 hours (unpaid).  I thought to myself, "This is something I could do for the rest of my life!"


I received a B.A. in Communications, Electronic Media from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. My non-study time was spent engineering and producing Moody Broadcasting's global, syndicated radio shows. Fun fact: I learned how to calibrate a 24-track tape machine while assisting on sessions at R. Kelly's, Chicago Trax Recording Studio (I have subsequently forgot).

Then I moved to Denver. I spent a very successful year as the morning show producer for the local ESPN morning show. These were followed by unsuccessful years. I got a divorce, lost a few jobs, produced some rejected tv pilots. So I moved.

After 3 years in Billings, MT doing media at a small non-profit, I spent the following 6 producing documentaries and developing a digital media brand producing and co-hosting a weekly 90 minute livestream podcast and a weekly 45 minute YouTube TV series. We received two Telly Awards, a couple viral hits, a Cable TV offer and a huge fanbase.


I took some time off after we cancelled both shows following the departure of, frankly, an irreplaceable host and thought about my next career move. The next step would have been a move to LA. By now, I had four kids and established roots in Billings so I took stock of my skills and interests and...




I read things out loud for a living.  

©2019 by Jay Friesen.

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