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Online TV Interview Technology

I have a whole series of posts on what I'm doing now in development. I need to back to blogging, it's kind of therapuetic and I really feel we're doing something nobody else is, so there's some learning and sharing that can be had in all this madness. This post though is going to focus on online TV interview tech...or the lack thereof. I'll try and structure this so it makes sense. Context To set some context, here's what we are and what we're doing in this realm. Dead Reckoning TV is an online TV show, we stream through a unique 24hr clock-based platform on our website and offer episode downloads through Reelhouse.org. We have no intention of going terrestrial or cable or satellite, we have ultimate freedom on the web. More on this in my other series that's in development. On our show, we do interviews with experts and guests on various topics. On our end, I have my ZBook that handles the audio record from our studio cameras, connects to the guest via video chat software and then runs a screen capture software to grab the guest's end of the interview. On the guest's end, we're simply conncting …

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Crafted 2

On my recent trip to Atlanta, I identified the follow up to Crafted dubbed right now, Crafted 2. It involves ties and Haiti and, like All Souls Ale, is headed up by a microbrewery. I think these stories are really cool. They hearken back to the philosophy made large by Guinness of not simply using beer to facilitate community, but to give back and enable community through goodwill efforts. I'm stoked about it but I'll be holding off about a year before moving forward on the project. In a perfect world, Crafted will have had a chance to percolate, get watched and generate a small following. At this point, I think I'll Kickstart Crafted 2. Sure, these projects are good passion projects and all, but the calling in favors and getting pushed to the back of the line in post-production because you're not paying a fair wage just sucks and drags these things out a long time. It'd be even better if I could find a sponsor for these. I'd like to continue highlighting these community, non-profit efforts by microbreweries over the long-term but as with anything, it costs money to make movies. Anyway, I'm stoked. The photo above is a …

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Time Inbetween

Since moving from basically a full-time, below-the-line position to my producer/exec role on projects, I have more downtime than anticipated. So much of making any new project happen- commercial or original- is dependent on other people that there's a lot of waiting time. Doors are opening everywhere on both Capstan Visual as well as Red Futon Films fronts but a lot of time passes between knocking on the opportunity and that first meeting. Even more time passes between getting the pitch out and waiting to hear back on it. In my head, I tend to refer to it as the time inbetween- this mystical place where you're at the mercy of God or luck or whatever worldview you hold. I've also noticed it's the time when I tend to doubt, question, and wonder if I'm just crazy for doing all this. It's tough to maintain the drive when you're just waiting. Sure, I can rest on the fact a sovereign God is in control of all things and nothing he does is random an without purpose, but on a normal level, I'm just don't have that much faith. Seeing it's my first year in this particular role full-time, I'm still …

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Platform Building: A More Important Question

It's inevitable that to make your way in the world you have to build your platform. As a full-time producer, I've been having a lot of discussion around this recently. It was precipitated by a blog post that was written by a major publisher (I forget who it was now, several weeks ago). I appreciated the article as it addressed the issue by an irate guy who stated, "so what you're saying is that you won't take me unless I'm already famous" to which the publisher said, "yeah, pretty much." The publisher then went on to explain that into today's highly noisy culture and the ease with which you can publish your own content, it's makes it far more difficult for a publisher to make their content rise above the rest if that person doesn't bring some fans a long with them. You might be wondering why in the world I'm writing about this. Platform building is equally applicable to any media production efforts. I liken to to bands. Bands spend years writing music, picking up fans at little shows on the weekends and working their butts off to get that bigger fan-base, sell more records, have better shows, etc. …

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Dead Reckoning Season 3 Tech

Pre-Production This season of Dead Reckoning TV was a bit of a change brought about by two things: the first was moving the studio to another suite in the same building, turning the former into a dedicated set. The second catalyst was the move from my MacPro tower to my HP Zbook. Brian and I also did a little target audience readjusting based on feedback from season 2 which was a big step up content-wise compared to season 1 so we expected some changes. I won't get into the platform switch except to say that MacPro was dying and because I was moving back and forth between set and studio once a week, I needed something mobile. At the time, I was readjusting Red Futon Films' project focus as well so that played a role in the choice of the Zbook. Production Figuring out how to do web TV with guests on the budget has been difficult. In season 2, I was Skyping screen capturing via Screenflow from my Macbook Air. Primary audio was being fed from the MBA to the MacPro via the Apollo Duo with the host mic going directly the Apollo. I could control each track independently  This …

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